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React and node.js developer

  • Do you have a passion for tech and strive to be a legendary developer?
  • Do you value quality products over feature quantity?
  • Do you love to see your work improve the life of others?
  • Do you prefer a flat organisation where all thoughts have equal value?
  • Do you one day want to be an entrepreneur and build your own company?

Then you would be a perfect fit into our team.

We are seeking dedicated and talented individuals (4+) to help us build quality software. You will work in a small team that will have the responsibility for a few microservices and npms. Depending on your current skill level you will work in one or more areas of frontend, backend, libs, cli, design, develop, test and support.


  • Frontends are build with react, material-ui, vite, redux, recoil and websockets.
  • Backends are build with nodejs, feathersjs, yup, nats, rabbitmq and mongodb.
  • Tools used are eslint, prettier, lerna, yarn, git, gitlab, npmjs, docker and jest,
  • Everything is hosted on Googles kubernetes platform.
  • We use a simple SDLC methodology, with a trello kanban board in the middle.
  • Communication is mostly on slack, google meet and email.


  • Strong interest in using and learning our tech stack.
  • A desire to learn and improve on a daily basis.
  • The will to write good quality code.
  • Taking responsibility for the software and improve on your own initiative.
  • Self-organised.
  • Enjoy team work, pair programming, code reviews and design sessions.
  • Skills, not necessary experience.


  • You will spend your days with what you love.
  • Full-time and long-term employment.
  • Work from anywhere.

Carcosa R&D - We are the tech teams, handling the software research & development, for a group of Swedish IT-companies in the foodtech and fintech industry. Our IT-plattform consist of severeal modules that are common between the different companies and some that are specific.

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